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Est. 1934 in Ireland


Founded in 1934

Sam Smyth is a Concourse d’Elegance judge for Roll-Royce and Bentley. Mr. Smyth has been Professionally Trained and Duly Appointed by both Roll-Royce Owners Club (RROC) and Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club (RREC) at the national level in the USA and UK. Club memberships and affiliations former and present for Sam Smyth consist of:

Smyth Imports performs regular scheduled Jaguar service, Aston martin service, Land Rover service, and Lotus service on British cars, along with German cars providing Bmw service, Mercedes-Benz service, Volkswagen service, Porsche service, Audi service Smyth Imports has provided appraisals and brokerage on very rare one of kind collector cars. Motor cars by the name of Bugatti, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Maserati, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW are often times found in large collections like these. Smyth Imports has extensive knowledge of French, British, German, and Italian motor cars that have been valued in the millions. Smyth Imports has provided proper appraisals for classic, vintage, and historical motor cars. These appraisals range from insurance companies, owners, to collectors. The last collection consisted of 1913-1950’s Rolls Royce’s, along with 1934 to 1950 in Bentley Motor Cars.

Smyth Imports has deep roots in the automotive business with over 84 years in the company’s history. Throughout the 50’s and 60’s Sam Smyth Senior owned and operated new car dealerships for Jaguar Motor Cars Inc., Triumph Imported cars, Sunbeam by ROOTS Group, SAAB Sweden, and TVR . Smyth Imports is out growing its current facilities and is now ready to move forward with a new car franchise for one or both Bentley Motor Cars or Rolls Royce Motor Cars. Sam Smyth Imported Car Service is officially recognized by Volkswagen of North America and Bentley Motors ltd. of Crewe, England, as the first authorized Independent Bentley Audi and VW workshop. For a new car dealership what better way to start than with a company that was established in Ireland in 1934 and is almost as old as Jack Barclay LTD. UK, London.

Established in Ireland

Samuel M. Smyth II, and family represents Cincinnati’s first (since the 1950’s) and oldest European car Specialist repair center. With almost 4 decades of hands-on training started as a nine year old going to his Grandfathers and Father’s garages and learning from them and their factory trained, certified, and mechanical engineers. After several years of very closely supervised restorations, Sam was ready to rebuild an entire car. His father brought in his own personal Jaguar XK120 and Sam pulled the engine, stripped the car to the frame, and reconditioned all the parts and reinstalled everything, from engine, drive train, Instrumentation and accessories. (This was just the lead of many other exciting motorcar restorations including, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin DB MKIII, Lotus Seven, Mercedes-Benz 300 SL and SEL models, MG TC TD TF, Ferrari 365, AC Bristol, BMW 507, Porsche 356, Maserati 3500GT and Quattroporte, Land Rover (Series 1,2,3,Defender), Volvo P1800, Delahaye 178, Deusenberg SJ) His father told him he was passing on to him generations of his experience and knowledge. These Strong basics and almost forty years of hands on experience have enabled Sam to understand how to repair all components of a motorcar.

At the time of this writing we are the only VW and Bentley Crewe authorized independent service garage in the world, and we will always be the first! Sam Smyth imports is a small garage that’s big on value and huge on customer service.

Sam Smyth is a Concourse de Elegance judge for Roll-Royce and Bentley. Mr. Smyth has been Professionally Trained and Duly Appointed by both Roll-Royce Owners Club (RROC) and Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club (RREC) at the national level in the USA and UK.

Service and Repair specialists for many fine cars like AC, Aston Martin, Caterham, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lotus, Marcos, McLaren, MG, Morgan, TVR, Westfield, Auburn – Cord – Deusenburg (ACD) and BMW.


“There were many more cars in my grandfather’s shop and that’s where I learned to love the big-body motorcars of that period. He was a perfect gentleman and his love for thoroughbred motor cars was passed down to my father and to me.” – Sam Smyth II

Our Services

Oil Services

Our oil services for luxury vehicles encompass the use of top-tier, manufacturer-recommended oils, tailored to meet the specific needs of high-performance engines. 

heating & ac services

Whether it’s optimizing your air conditioning for a cool & refreshing interior or fine-tuning your heating system for a cozy ride, we go above and beyond to meet the discerning needs of luxury.

Brake service

Experience unparalleled braking performance for your luxury vehicle with our specialized brake services; offering meticulous attention to the braking systems of high-end automobiles.

our recent work

Jaguar XKE

The Jaguar XKE, with its sleek design and thrilling performance, remains a quintessential icon of automotive excellence and timeless British engineering.

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

The Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud is a classic luxury automobile produced by Rolls-Royce Limited from 1955 to 1966. Known for its elegance and refined design, it was available in various body styles, including limousines and convertibles, and became an iconic symbol of luxury in the automotive world.

Silver Shadow

The Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow stands as an enduring symbol of luxury and sophistication, boasting timeless elegance, impeccable craftsmanship, and refined comfort that epitomize the pinnacle of automotive opulence and prestige.

1980 BMW 633CSI E24

The 1980 BMW 633CSI E24 showcases timeless design and sporty performance, embodying the epitome of BMW’s heritage with its sleek lines, robust engine, and engaging driving dynamics.


The MG MGB is a classic British sports car produced by MG (Morris Garages) from 1962 to 1980, known for its iconic design, affordable performance, and enduring popularity in the sports car market.

1948 Mark VI

The 1948 Bentley Mark VI stands as a symbol of post-war luxury and elegance, showcasing impeccable craftsmanship, timeless design, and refined performance that define the epitome of British automotive excellence and prestige during its era.

Mercedes S500

The Mercedes-Benz S500 is a luxury sedan model produced by Mercedes-Benz, known for its opulent features, advanced technology, and a powerful 5.0-liter V8 engine.

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

The Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud exudes timeless elegance and luxury, embodying the epitome of classic British automotive craftsmanship and sophistication.

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